Daniel Cleary Fine Arts
Artist's Statement

My art depends very much on what I
take in through my eyes.  In seeing, I
try to get to the heart of my subject.  I
am stimulated by what I see and held
in thrall by it -- as Delacroix has
described it, 'as a snake by a snake

The artists I have tried to learn from
have all had their original stimulus
from nature:  Cezanne, Van Gogh and
Matisse, even Mondrian who talked
about plastic values which I
understand as a kind of tactile

I try to make the subjects I paint or
draw immediate to the senses.  
Daniel Cleary was born in Tipperary Town, Ireland.  Having
developed a passion for painting at an early age, Daniel went to
art school in London.  From there, he moved to America,
became a citizen and has been living in Chicago for the past 30